Louisville Bowl of Death Cyclocross 12/2/12

Last year the Louisville race was super fun in fresh snow. It had me looking forward to course I hadn’t prefered in the past. While we didn’t get the memorable weather of last year we did get a fun new course thanks to the Without Limits group and Kappius racing who put in a lot of time to make a very solid course at a previously slightly stale venue. The course had little rest with one punishingly hard short steep hill. It came after a long run up and my legs were toast from the run up each time I got to it.  I did like the off-camber chicane on the South gravel straight. I ran a big tubeless front PDX for extra grip there and it saved me some time each lap for sure.

I got another strong start and raced with the front group for almost two laps before going…. backward to my assigned race finish behind the front group. I finished 8th which of course matched my call up although there was one shuffle in and out of that eight

My boring consistency continued with another 1:30 gap at the finish to the incredible Shawn Lortie, winning his 6th? in a row with John Mansell right behind him in second.

And for the second week in a row I ALMOST caught someone in front of me napping on the way to the finish line. This time it was Jeff Hall going less than half speed toward the finish line after a mishap or mechanical.  I went for the the stripe with all I had but came up a 2 tenths of a second short although I thought I got him at the time.

This was another race where I slightly wish that 45+ open had more depth at my mid level as I finished in no mans land with a 30 second gap both in front and behind other than Hall.

One of my great Rally Sport teammates, Jeff Ofsanko, has been doubling up and racing 35+3’s after 45+. In Louisville he was 30 seconds faster in his second race which really surprised me.
Did the course get faster after being ridden in?
Did he get faster in the corners?
Were his legs better after having a race in them?

I can’t figure it out because the few times I’ve doubled I felt slow as heck in the second race. What do you think?

Anyway after Louisville I see that I have a good shot at finishing 7th in the Cross Cup points despite being 18th on the USAC depth list for our age group. I’d been further back earlier in the season so that is a nice bonus and my team could claim 3 spots in the top 7 of the Cross Cup points in 45 Open.



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One response to “Louisville Bowl of Death Cyclocross 12/2/12

  • CX- John

    I find that my lap times are faster with less effort (lower wattage) in my second race. Two real factors. 1- We go first and have to beat in the course so our times are much slower than if we went later in the day. 2- during the second race you know the course and can ride it much smoother ie faster. Example: in Morrison, the time difference between my 1st and 2nd races were only 2 second where as my power was 10w low over 45m of racing in the second.

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